Full Version: Cassius Dio and Herodian as a military historians
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Are there any modern researchers dedicated to Cassius Dio s and Herodian s attitude to war, warfare, their method of presentation of military events etc.?
It's usually assumed that Herodian does not really know much about military matters; I happen to agree. Cassius Dio is far more serious, although I would not trust his narratives of the Battle in the Teutoburg Forest (completely topic scenery; the marshes in which the fight took place not even mentioned) or the double battle at Philippi (compare Appian).

On the other hand, his treatment of Caesar's Gallic War is quite good; he has chosen a source (Livy?) that is not too credulous.
And which modern monographs deal with Dio s and Herodianus s attitude to war and warfare?
Stephenson, in his two books on late Roman infantry equipment, takes Herodian seriously.