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I have this book, its one of my favorites, but is there a book similar to this about the campaigns of Alexander the Great? not like writers from that time, but modern books that tell details that are missing etc. like food, clothing, equipment and the like.

How about this? First published in 1978 but still available:

It's a bit narrower in scope than the volume by Lee, but very widely cited and a bit of a classic!

You probably already know this one, more recently as a more general study of Alexander's army, but not focused on logistics:

I think this also might be of interest:

Lastly, and on a related subject, Osprey have a new title coming out on the amry AFTER Alexander:

We (Pen & Sword) have a book coming next spring called The Macedonian War Machine 359-281 BC which will probably have a subtitle along the lines of Neglected Aspects of One of Antiquity's Greatest Armies. Here is the blurb:

The army that emerged from the reforms of Philip II of Macedon proved to be without equal in the period covered and one of the most successful in the whole of the ancient period. Much has been written on aspects of Macedonian warfare, particularly the generalship of it's most famous proponent, Alexander the Great, yet many studies retread the same paths and draw conclusion on the same narrow evidential base, while leaving important aspects and sources of information untouched. David Karunanithy concentrates on filling the gaps in existing studies, presenting and studying evidence frequently overlooked or ignored.
The book is divided into four sections, each presenting a wealth of detail on various aspects: Preparation (including chapters on training techniques, various aspects of arms and armour production and supply and the provision and management of cavalry mounts); Support (eg non-combatant specialists, bridge building, field engineering, construction of field camps and little-known combat units in Asia); Dress and Battle Equipment (drawing on much neglected evidence and including such details as officers' plumes, wreaths and finger rings); Alexander's Veterans and Life on Campaign (the Silver Shields; baggage trains and personal kit, servants and families, camp life and recreation..). In addition there are useful appendices summarising evidence for the appearance of troops.
Karunanithy analyses this wealth of detail with real insight, for example suggesting that in some areas, such as the use of marching camps, the Macedonian influence on Roman armies has been underestimated. His meticulous research allows a much fuller portrait to be painted of this awesome war machine. This is an absolute must-have for anyone with an interest in the armies of Alexander and his Successors

Hope that sounds like the sort of thing you are after.

Phil Sidnell
Commissioning Editor (Ancients)
Pen & Sword Books
Sounds like the perfect book Big Grin