Full Version: Roman Fort at Ruse (Bulgaria)
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I don't think this news story has been noted yet (

Quote:In two months' time, the repair works at the Roman fortress Sexaginta Prista near the Danube city of Ruse in northeastern Bulgaria are to be wrapped up, according to a media statement of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works.

The project envisaging the renovation and popularization of the ancient Roman fortress is worth around BGN 1.3 M which is provided under the Regional Development Operational Program, the beneficiary being the Ministry of Culture.

The project involves a major overhaul of the two remaining buildings on the territory of the fortress and the construction of a well-lit ramp that will facilitate access to the remains at Sexaginta Prista (""the port town of the sixty ships").

Decorative lighting is to be designed and installed at a later stage.

Apart from that, an experimental archaeology hub will be set up to make the site more attractive.

The site is expected to host students' extracurricular activities.

The EU-funded renovation project aims to provide equal access to cultural products and services.

The modern city of Ruse was built on the site of the ancient town of Sexaginta Prista.
Quote:I don't think this news story has been noted yet

Perhaps this is somehow related to the holding of the XXII Limes Congress at Rousse.