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Go for it! :cheer:

What coloring medium will you use?
Colored Pencil, because that's the only thing i have.
Sorry guys, but I had to do this madness: I post here my sketch about a Roman Legionary wearing the famous 'Alba Julia' LS!
It's almost a form of fixation for me, from the first time I saw the image of the Adamklissi relief showing this strange armour, the Alba Julia didn't leave my mind! So I tried to exorcise this Dacian gost, drawing it.
The armor might be also of Leather, but I chose three large iron strips, the (in-)famous mantle of scales is somehow a mystery, so I chose rectangular scales. The Helmet wanted to be an Hedderneim of the most symple type :razz:. The man has an big oval shield and he is holding a long spear, he wears his spatha on the left and in conclusion, we might suppose that he is living during the first half of the III century, maybe under Severus.... :unsure:

Sorry for this invasion but try to understand my silly obsession about Alba Julia LS! Confusedilly:

[Image: kt1.jpg]
Hello Carlo,
it's not madness at all,killing a persian messengers by Spartans was madness :grin:
Your picture gives me more impression of an cavalryman than usual infantryman,but definitely,also infantry of this time might looked this way-personally I love how roman army dressed up in the 3rd century.
keep drawing and try to do some new ones Smile
Thanks Master Pavel, so here another obsession from my contorted mind: The big helmets of the third century which enclosed the face, terrible and mysteryous mask helmets....they have something of medieval and Baroque, and I find them astonishing!

So here an important officer, wearing scale armor and three orders of decorated pteruges, his head is encased in a Worthing type helmet, with an high crest portraying a draco (or an eagle? I've still to decide what I kind of beast I've represented! : :razz: ):

[Image: Legatus.jpg]
Hey,that was pretty quick :grin: !
I like this even more.What is his dating?Also third century I guess,but could probably be even from the start of fourth.
It also might be interesting to see this in color.
Thank you very much Master! Confusedmile:

The Helmet is actually III century, but I agree with you, I like to imagine this man as an officer of Diocletianus or of Maxentius...or even of Licinius.....

To colour my works abitually I use watercolours.....and pastels (they are useful to cover the mistakes in watercolors works! :razz: )
Wow, you guys have some serious, draw some Republicans!!! Confusedmile:
Republicans?...Do you mean those men 160 cm tall, who built the Empire?

Beware Alexand96, they are small angry and ungry men....... Cool

[Image: SmallampHardbyCKT.jpg]
Awesome! Although his legs seem a little off proportion IMO.
And nice shield design Carlo.
Thanks Magister! I'll look at the legs more closely! :whistle:

...and thanks Pavel, the shield is a mix from various images, it might be believable for the republican age, I should try with watercolors.

The last sketch:'Pharsalus: the Aftermath'
A man of the Legio X, of Caesar, kills and captures the Vexillum of a Pompeian.

Confession: I'm with Caesar, because I would have been with the Populares, with Graccus and Marius... so, at Pharsalus, I would have been with Caius Iulius.

[Image: FarsalobyKTSGsmall.jpg]
Fantastic work Diocle!! Not often enough do I see a skilled hand and eye turn the proper attention to the Republic.

Although I must warn you in return, they are not so small or hungry as I, and if you stand with Caius Marius...well, then... Wink

I applaud all of you gentleman more skilled than I, and urge you to keep these works coming!
Thanks Alex, but these are only sketches, dreams from an old wargamer, nothing more.
This time a man, a Centurio, of the XIII! Yes the Legio of Pullo et Vorenus!
He's a veteran of the Gaulic Wars, and he wears bracae and an iron Agen-Port helmet, but the times are changing, Caius Iulius has been murdered and now the new Triumviri are ready to annihilate the killers, so the shield is a little ... Imperial! :grin:

I used GIMP to give a touch of sepia as an ancient drawing, because I'll try to use watercolor on the original version, that the Gods protect me.

It's my first time with an Agen-Port so be ... merciful please dear friends!

[Image: Centuriosepia.jpg]

Colored with watercolors and guache, what do you think? I'm not a colorist.

[Image: CenturiocolorKT.jpg]
Your legs seem to be a little to short on your republican soldiers, but I think its just me. I tend to draw soldiers with long legs. Anyways, great work, my best works painting were in kindergarten :lol:

I wish I could paint like you, you should put this up on Deviantart
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