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Good detail!

Do I see the Taifalus on the far right carrying a bow? :cheer:
The one carrying a bow is supposed to be a Hunnic Auxilliary, look a little to the right of the ordinarius in the background.
Ah, and he's wearing a horsehair swag on his helmet.

And mid-left rear, wafting in the breeze-- I guess we know what that is. :whistle:

It must have dropped off Trajan's Column. 8-)
EDIT: Ah Okay, I get it now. Good one.
Finally, it's published!
definitely your best and most complex thing.I like the scope of details you tried to include.Also composition is nice.Only it seems like those romans probably suffered serious loses if so many different units is closely mixed in one single mass :wink: .
From the shields depicted I especially like that bearing image of Aetius.What unit is supposed to be that with leters VAL.TERS?Is Emperor Valentinianus depicted on it?

From historical point of view there's maybe too many Roman infantry units.What I know it is generally assumed that it was mainly battle of cavalry if not almost all cavalry battle(which I think is very unlikely)who had decisive role and really roman units(if any)were rather very scarce in the Roman lead allied army.But also our sources are very limited,so who knows.

In my imagination,battle of Catalaunian Fields is something like Peter Jackson's Fellowship of the ring opening Battle of Mount Doom from Last Alliance of Elves and Men.And surely it must have been an unforgettable sight if reports about greatness of gathered armies, states, kingdoms and tribes are at least from half the truthful.Something of really gigantic scale that happens only very rarely,and usually with a distance of many centuries,something which is remembered in heroic tales and songs even many generation after.I don't know of any other ancient battle in which so many nations,generals,princes and kings fought at the same time and on the same place.

Best regards and do not stop drawing Smile
Thanks for the kind words (and criticism).

You're right, that is way too many units to be in one place, but i did this in part for effect (variety of shield patterns, etc).

The unit bearing Valentinian III is a single unit theorized by JB Bury to be listed as 3 seperate units in the Notitia Dignitatum called the Placidi Valentinianici Felices Iuniores Galliciani as a whole title. It was created roughly 419 (which supports the notion that for a time the ND was regularly updated).

Although Cavalry played a pivotal role in the battle, Jordanes records (through Attila's speech) the Roman force was predominately infantry. What happened was the Alans performed a feigned retreat, and the Huns didn't realize their own tactic was being used against them. The Alans reversed and charged the pursuing Huns, while Throismund and Aetius closed in on either side. Infantry formed the bulk of either Army, and although cavalry strikes certainly made the pivotal moves, Infantry were the ones who slogged it out.

You're right about the comparison to LOTR, there were only a handful of battles on the scale of Chalons (In pre-modern times). The only one I can think of was a battle betweent the Hittites and the Egyptians which was roughly of the same size, and a handful of other battles during the Conquests of Alexander/Rise of Rome. In terms of number of nations united, Chalons is the only battle that showed the achievability of such unity.

But Chalons was definately one of those battles which would have been remembered for Centuries. Age of Empires II hit the nail on the head in their telling of it, where they have the old priest in Troyes recounting the tale of Attlia the Hun.
O.K :-)
About variety of shield patterns-yes I can understand this.There is so many beautiful shield blazons in(mainly) Notitia Dignitatum that would be so nice to use in painting.
From a historical perspective, the close-massed soldiery Evan depicted was probably a reality at Chalons. I only know of a few battles described where infantry waded through dead bodies and blood. Another one was Adrianople. Although we don't see the "many nations" premise, the number of casualties was very high. Legions and legions were lost there. :neutral:
He has a point - I personally believe Legio I Audiatrix was destroyed either by a Hunnic raid or at Chalons, it's last attested as being in Brigetio in 445.
Quote:So in the foreground are various units, including the Cornuti, I Audiatricis, Placidi Valentinianici, Undecimani, and Fectienses Seniores.
Nice work!
Thanks for including us, even though we are a fictitious unit! ;-)
Your shield pattern is similar to many units, like the Celtae Seniores. I see no reason why the name and design are impossible, ergo i thought it worth including.

I would have included more late-roman groups, but I ran out of room for all the fanciful patterns.
Quote:I ran out of room for all the fanciful patterns.
Actually, given the Roman order of battle, it would be quite strange to see so many shields together in such a small spot.
Artistic Liscense Tongue
Nice work Evan.
Thanks, right now I'm considering coloring it in.
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