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Quick sketch of Roman War Machine. Smile

[Image: 20130119_142149_zpsb3ceca4d.jpg]
Well I think you might spend more time on details of that soldiers but you've done a lot of work on recreating mechanism of such huge ballista :-)
This drawing is drawn years ago while I am completely ignorant of such roman artillery thus there are large number of errors and mistakes. Soldier is there for indicating the size of monster. Smile Nowadays I am trying to improve machines of ancients. For example, below image is small onager with less parts and easily portable design.

[Image: 1489194_10202316713991691_1049467182_n.jpg]
Justinian II.
It was supposed to be me in my completed kit (which should be by the end of this year or next year), but I can't draw myself worth a crap (on my to-do list of things to learn).

Me, as Ordinarius of the Placidi Valentiniani Felices.

[Image: 2BmtQDD.jpg]

(Forgive the shoe in the background, it was my scanner's fault.)
Nice one Evan.
He really gave me impression of your likeness.I also like his posture and that manica.
Nice job, Evan!

I'm working on "Cannae" again - quite a few people got themselves a cameo in the novel, and I'm slowly working them off.

These Gauls (I have so many red-haired supporters I'm running out of Gauls!) are cameos; the one on the left is the historical Hasdrubal, commander of Hannibal's left wing at Cannae.


Here we have no less than four cameo appearances. The one on the left is actually my father - I never thought he'd support the project! Here he is as Gnaeus Servilius Geminus, proconsul at the Roman army at Cannae.


There's three weeks left to pre-order a copy, if you like!
Update on that last one:

Looks even better when colored and yellow still dominates this regiment .-)
Diocletianic officers standing in front of the first pylon of the Luxor temple converted into Roman army base during late 3rd/early 4th century
Great work, Pavel - I expect one day to see all your work collected into an album!
He should do Osprey books.
Very kind from both of you Smile
Hi all

I recently completed this painting, "God-Complex". It is oil on canvas, 80 x 135cm. I have, however, decided that it needs a few more things to be done/added to it. The figure on the left, of course, is Augustus; the central figure is loosely meant to be Caesar but the figure and horse based on the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius; the two helmeted figures on the right are Praetorian Guards, based on the famous relief; and the figure in between them is based on a statue of the Emperor Domitian, although he original statue was of a naked, gilded figure. In this case I have dressed him in armour based on the Trophaeum Tajani, Adamclisi (first half of second century AD). I used the photos taken by Raffaele D'Amato in his book "Arms and Armour of the Imperial Roman Soldier" (awesome resource!)
The background is based on a photo I took back in 2001 of an area near the Red Sea/Suez Canal (Egypt).
Hope everyone likes it!
Jeremy Elkington
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