Full Version: Show your Roman artwork
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Hi Evan

if you use a range of soft pencils, all those high 'B' numbers, you can create effects with your finger to deliberately smudge the pencil. The pencil can then be 'fixed' using a spray to stop it smudging even more.

My art teacher told us the same thing with Charcoal. Thanks Graham.

I am going to start using fine pen though; I like the look and colored pencil won' t mess up fine details.
Nice job, Evan! I actually much prefer hatching to smudging. The scanner picks it up better, too.

Renico, I really like your shading there. Great job.

I spent the weekend on a release party for a friend's comic, and sketched nearly all the time! Had my watercolour travel kit with me too, for some splash of colour on Cn. Cornelius Lentulus. All for the "Cannae" project.

Plus: Sacred chickens!

Reconstructions of Frankish Warriors of the 6th Century AD:
Planig grave 1 and Krefeld-Gellep grave 1782.


Marvelous works.I came across this few days back elsewhere but it was not in so good resolution like now .
Quote:Renico, I really like your shading there. Great job.

Thank you. I'll probably get it finished over the next couple of months.

Your artwork rivals anything I've seen in high-end comics. I'm looking forward to your Darkness Over Cannae graphic novel. Smile
Thank you, Stephen (and sorry for the name confusion in my last post)! It's really an illustrated rather than a graphic novel (curse the euphemistic comic industry and its terminology) - it's written in prose, but lavishly illustrated. Smile
Roman standard bearers and standards, early 1st Century:

Great job! What media did you use? Looks really neat and crisp!

I'm finally done with my battle image. I made the mistake to leave it lying at that awkward stage with colours blocked in for two weeks... always a bad idea. But I'm happy with the result.


Acrylic inks, watercolour, and coloured pencil on cold-press watercolour paper.
I know the problem of too long interruptions. It can happen that I don't like what I have done till then and make a new start (which must not necessarily be better in the result...).
But you have finally done a great job - I love the heated atmoshere of the scene.
Till now I was not so much interested in graphic novels but I will shurely look out for your work.
In case of technics I use gouache on board. The standardbearers were painted in 2010 on bristol board, but this is a bit too smooth for washes.
Now I use the Canson Arches hot pressed, which is absolutely fantastic to work on but I will give the cold pressed also a try. The texture seems very similar to your paper.
Here a some Frankish belt buckles. The greenish background was a test with computer to make them stand more out. But sadly in the finished book they have been published on a white ground.

That looks great! I'm much better with traditional media - I can't seem to wrap my brain around the opaque ones. As a last touch, yes, but only for the last 2%!

Arches sucks water like nobody's business. I might try it again with liquid acrylics, but for watercolour, I don't get good results with it. I swear by Montval.
I'm not good at painting: I've only used Oils and Watercolor and I paint like a kindergartner. :lol:
You *don't* want to see me try oils! Big Grin
I think oils is little bit hard and annoying to work with,especially for beginners.But watercolors can be also very annoying and needs a lot of vigilance.
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