Full Version: Show your Roman artwork
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If anyone is interested I have put up some recent paintings for sale in the Marketplace thread. They are a mixed bag ranging from Ancient Greeks to Swiss knights.

Hi everybody,
lot of wonderful new work here!
Jenny - wish You luck with The Darkness Over Cannae project. Looks great!
Pavel - thnx, I like the drunken Japod more aswell Big Grin

Here is todays skech.. more Illyrians again!

I think every comics artist in Europe are right to be hungry. Even here in France, it seems only around a thousand artists can live of their comics. And when I say comics, it's absolutely everything, from the comics books for very young children to the erotic industry...

And for those who have this incredible luck of earning something, very few of them can decently live with the money they make. It's a really bad paid job, as I saw when I try to start 15 years ago. I didn't went that way, and prefered to do something else instead. So I don't even imagine how it is in smaller countries, where comics are not so well seen as in France...
[b][b]Jenny wrote:
[i]That's interesting that you think so

I can only go from personal experience. However whenever I have contacted a museum abroad they have:

A) known who I was.

B) Were excited that I had contacted them and wanted to display my work in their museum.

C) If possible and at the earliest available opportunity put on a display of my work.

D) Not only invited me to the opening but have also on occasion paid for my accommodation and even travel expenses!

I can compare that to when I went personally to a Museum here in the UK. It has a large Roman collection, a fantastic gallery for temporary exhibitions and were at the time even selling some of my books in their shop. However the person I met looked at me and treated me as something nasty they had trodden in and was trying desperately to scrape off the bottom of their shoe! Their attitude was, who on earth are you and why would I go to the trouble of putting your work on show here. I am sure that if I had said something like "I have not come here to be insulted" They would have replied " Well where do you normally go"!

Well the answer is Tarragona where I would not be insulted but treated as an honoured guest for a weeks expenses paid trip obviously!!

Thankfully not everyone involved with UK Museums is like that and currently my work has been displayed at Vindolanda, The Grosvenor Museum in Chester, Ribchester Roman Museum and is about to be displayed again by the Museum of Lancashire this year.

Whoa. What a sobering experience.

I can only talk about the British Tolkien fan groups, which I perceive as being very appreciative of artists and artwork - I will forever cherish that moment when, in 2012, I visited my first big Tolkien convention in Loughborough. I'd been talking to a few people for half an hour when we finally remembered to introduce ourselves, and when I said my name, I was treated to double-takes: "You are Jenny Dolfen?"

That was with a Canadian and an Austrian, though. Hmmm... proving your point. Wink

Jori: A thousand actually sounds like a lot! At least you have people like Marini et al., who seem to be able to afford doing a huge, 48 page full colour gouache album a year. (The Eagles of Rome volume three is out this week... yay!)
Hi Jenny

When I had my exhibition in Grand, France, I had the pleasure of meeting Silvio Luccisano and Laurent Libessart who wrote and illustrated the series 'Le Casque D'Agris'. Do you know of their work?

Laurent Libessart not only autographed but actually drew illustrations for me in the two books I purchased!

I'll have to check them out! I don't know much French, which is why I usually go for the German translations, but since I recently managed to force my way through the out-of-print French comic "Barca", I may be bold enough to brave it!

As a comic fan, you really can't afford to not know any French, I suppose.
Here is a link to their website

It seems there is a third volume out with a new artist Claire Bigard.

Hm! A cute protagonist. My interest is piqued. Wink

Thanks for the link!
I find it interesting that being on this forum I've learned enough French and German words (related to Roman stuff ofc) to make out many short sentences and phrases (like that title).
I still rely mostly on Latin when I want to understand French! I'm finally getting the hang of the major consonant changes. Only works in written French though. Or spoken when the speaker makes a five second pause after every word, but tell that to someone...

Two new ones in the works: My header gets its first and second splashes of colour. Some watercolour for the first wash, then acrylic ink for the next.

And a scene from the siege of Saguntum, where Hannibal was hit by a spear (hip or thigh, both sound majorly uncomfortable). Laying down composition in acrylic ink. In an image with so many people (and appendages in the same spot), you need to make sure you separate them clearly with light and shadow. Skin colours will help with that, too.
I've nearly finished a pencil drawing of the Quirinal Boxer statue. Always liked that statue, and the expression he had on his face following whatever fight he just finished. I hope I captured it.
The Romans and Aremoricans (Litaui) sieze the hill: Chalons, 451 AD.

And yes, I know it's really grey. The printer highlights the dust when it scans, as well as the lines. After several people have suggested it to me, I intend to get some very fine artist's pens so I can acquire the same level of detail in my drawings without having a smear of lead all across the image.

Very nice Evan and with nice late Roman feel in it!This is certainly your best work especially when it came on level of details.
I just got a new sketch book so I will probably be drawing a lot more. This weekend though I am working on the new SOTW website and I'm going to type up one of the chapters of TWNIG (I haven't worked on it for a while.)
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