Full Version: Show your Roman artwork
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Thanks for the reply Magister.

Will have a new piece up tonight (hopefully) - a Bosporan soldier. I've been branching out a little into different areas, and hope to try a soldier of Dura Europos next.

All my drawings are going to be in color now as well.
An upgrade Big Grin !
Sketches for some future works I plan to do.
Some guesses:
1700: Battle of Manzikert
1702: Battle of... Adrianople? Maybe Chalons?
1705: Funeral of... Richard the Lionheart?
Well....almost Confusedilly:
1-Battle of Vardar river:The Cataphract in the centre is soon to be Emperor Alexios Komnénos and his surprise night attack on forces of usurper Basilakes.
2-Second will be indeed Hadrianopolis.
3-Crusaders above the sarcophagus of Justinian I.In 1204 while looting tombs of Eastern emperors it is recorded that western knights opened also his grave and find his body in surprisingly good condition.
I have a particular fancy for 11th-14th century Byzantines myself. Cool stuff Pavel Wink
Thank you Evan.still it will take a lot of time yet to realizing this into fully rendered painting and now I'm doing on fourth century scenes.
Looking forward to the Hadrianopolis one!
Bosporan Hoplite: 4th Century BC

This man probably would have stood in the middle ranks of a Phalanx formation, being from the lower or middle class. He carries a short sword based on the Vergina tomb finds, wears a Pilos helmet, has a large Aspis and a Spear.

His Aspis displays a cheetah, associated with the god Dionysus. He has probably never seen a cheetah in his life though.

(I based this particular design from the mosaic at Pella which displays dionysus naked riding a cheetah. Sounds like a hell of a party.)

He wears pants and a long sleeve tunic to compensate for the cold and marshy Bosporan climate, and his belt is of Scythian manufacture.

Inspired by the Anabasis and Comitatus Greek Re-enactment groups.

Illustrations I did for my novel (but which I never used):
Drawn to illustrate my novel, but never used ....

[Image: rom21small_zpsc78667b4.png]

[Image: rom18small_zps37938572.png]

[Image: rom3small_zps9d690b03.png]
And a few more illustrations ...

[Image: rom6small_zpsdf892ebb.png]

[Image: rom8small_zps1e6ef5ef.png]

[Image: rom10small_zpsa8dfbf27.png]

[Image: rom7small_zpsf41b3c39.png]
a couple more ...?

[Image: rom11small_zpse2850756.png]

[Image: rom16small_zps0d2348cd.png]

[Image: rom2small_zps6aa3aa7f.png]
Great stuff! You obviously have talent! :woot:
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