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Quote:In palestine its liekly that a lot of members of the 6th were christians

I thought it was a reference to the theory that Phillip the Arab was himself a Christian... (it has been suggested, although probably not very plausible...)
Yes,several sources mention this.But He seems to just had some sympathy for Christians,whom he might known relatively well from the area he was born in.Also in Historia Augusta(I think)there is rather improbable passage describing Alexander Severus daily routine and that Alexander used to pray to small figurines of the most significant deities in the empire,containing also Jesus.
Time to ruin definitively my surviving reputation (if I ever had one!) on RAT Forums! Cool

Two premises, the first: thanks Nathan for the pic of the bas-relief of Severius Acceptus of the Legio VIII Augusta, III century AD:

[Image: SeveriusAcceptus-1.jpg]

The second, is a relief from Campania belonging to the I century BC.:

[Image: BassorilievoCampanoIsecAC.jpg]

...So here the infamous work I've done, a legionary of the III century wearing not a Morrione of the XVI/XVII century of course, but nothing less than the mysterious Attic Helmet!!!...

Yeah! This is my personal interpretation of the relief of Severius Acceptus, his helmet is a derivation from the Gladiatorial Thrax helmet.

This solution offers us two advantages: We know that they were able to produce this helmet, we have the models perfectly preserved of the Gladiatorial helmets.

So we have only to find the derivative military model, but we know exactly where it came from!
IMO the relief of Severius is one of the first images of the Attic helmet, so we can assume it started to be used during the III century, and we should remember that Marcus Aurelius, during the first Marcomannic war, enlisted also slaves to defend the Limes of the Empire afflicted by the great plague.....

[Image: AtticHelmet.jpg]

Side note from the architect: If you project the side view of the Thrax helmet on a surface parallel to the longitudinal axis of the helmet, as to say if you falattened on a surface the lateral view of the Thrax helmet you get exactly the bas-relief of Severius! Confusedmile:
Been a while since I did one of these. Got a bit carried away evaluating 3D clothing software.

A late Augustan mensor.

[Image: MENSOR_JimBowers2013_RAT_zpsdc47cf40.jpg]
Very well made,Jim!
You should come be my 3D modeller :woot:
Wonderful work! Incredible realism but also the atmosphere is perfect! Great, great work!
Yes, fantastic indeed.
Nice work Jim, and perfect clothing for the job 2.
Aquilifer from fort Babylon,Egypt split of 4/5 century.
Awesome! The lamellar armor looks sort of Chinese though.
Well,it should be armour made of crocodile skin.
Is there any evidence for that?
Quote:Is there any evidence for that?

Yes,I think 2-3 sets were found in Egypt.They are generaly dated to split of 3/4century,but it is very doubtful if it was realy used by army.Much grater possibility is that it was used during old Egyptan religious ceremonies(which could be put together with a rank of Aquilifer),but who knows...

The bronze eagle I depicted,is actual finding from fort babylon(dated to end of 3rd to beggining of 5th century)and possibility exist that maybe its rare surviving eagle standart.But Im not shore about its measures-the only data I had find suggest that it is even a bit larger then on my picture-so maybe too large for an actual eagle standart?

Two artist(I know)already use such crocodile armour,Peter Dennis and Giuseppe Rava.

One of the originals in the British museum:
Very interesting work, I've a book by R. D'Amato about Roman centurions with a centurion of the late third century belonging to the III Diocletiana, by G. Rava, with the crocodile armor and helmet!

It's a fascinating subject, I like all the kinds of organic armors, thinking that the Romans fielded 300.000 men equipped with mail armor is a fantasy tale!

Nice drawing and wonderful colors, I like very much the's one of my preferred colors! Compliments and if we were on TWC Compliments and + rep, here: 'Thank you!' :grin:
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