Full Version: I Marched with Hannibal by Hans Baumann (YA)
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I was recommended this book, and being an avid reader of anything to do with Carthage or Rome, I bought it at once. It's an 'old' book, being printed in 1960, and has been translated from its original German. The central protagonist is a nameless boy who is found in the rubble of Saguntum (the town which saw the beginning of Hannibal's war on Rome) by Suru, one of the Carthaginian elephants. Taken on by Suru's driver, he follows Hannibal on his epic march over the Alps. The historical facts are accurate, but unfortunately, they often get offered as large chunks of narrative rather than through what happens directly to the boy or Suru. Nonetheless, the characters are warm and well drawn, and Suru is a pleasure to read about.

All in all, it was an enjoyable read, and well worth it for children who are interested in the time period. However, the book's not up to the same standard as Sutcliff's The Eagle of The Ninth or The Road to Miklagard by Henry Treece.
3.5 stars out of five.
I loved it, when I was a kid :-)