Full Version: Interpretation of some coins
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1. RIC I.85a
Anyone knows what the CL V stands for? I can't help but thinking it's so obvious but I'm kind of missing it... Is it a name, number (155 standards regained?), something else? (19 BC)


2. RIC I.198
What is the link between a horse riding Gaius Caesar and military standards? Struck 8-7 BC, so he is 12-13 years old.


Quick help is appreciated! Confusedmile:
Ah, the second question seems to be answered: Gaius Caesar joined Augustus and Tiberius on campaign that year or the year before, and took part in the drill exercises of the legionaries.
Quote:1. RIC I.85a
Anyone knows what the CL V stands for?

It's the abbreviation for Clipeus Virtutis, the Shield of Virtue, granted to Augustus, cf. Res Gestae 34: "a gold shield placed in the Julian senate-house, and the inscription of that shield testified to the virtue, mercy, justice, and piety, for which the senate and Roman people gave it to me."

For Augustan propaganda, be sure to check Zanker's Macht der Bilder (Power of Images).
Thank you very much! :-D