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This is a work in progress, and I only add to it when I have time. I will update this thread, or create new ones with all of the info as needed. This is restricted to how-to's that people have posted on RAT. I am not interested in outside links, though perhaps once this one is done a section for outside links can be made.

Roman Armour

Plumata Scales
Scutum Edging
Building a Seg: Width of Girdle Plates and Overlap
Late Roman Shield Construction
Making a Laminated Scutum
Rawhide Edging for Scuta
Making a Laminated Scutum II
Cutting Segmentata Lobate Hinges
Rawhide Edging for Scuta II
Making Segmentata lacing loops
Making Authentic rivetted chain maille
Reworking an older Deepeeka Gallic Helm
Making a Scutum II
Facing a Scutum
Modifying an Attic Helmet into an Officer Helm

Roman Weapons

Spatha Scabbard
Gladius Scabbard Finial
Adding Inlay to Pugio Scabbards
Making Cheapy Chucker Pila
Making Roman Arrows
Making Organic Pugio Hilt Plates

Roman Belts

Late Roman Stitched Belt
Making Your Own Belt Plate Stamp and Die
Make Belt components out of Bone

Roman Clothing

Making a Subarmalis
Helmet Liner
Calcei Patterns and Instructions
Making Pteryges
Late Roman Tunica Decoration
Making Pteryges II
Sewing a Late Roman Tunic
Helmet Liner II
Making a Tribune's Tunic
Making Crepidae (Sandals)
Making a Legionary Tunic
Late Roman Leg Wraps
Making a Subarmalis II
Making a Late Roman Tunic
A giant thread on Pteryges
Dying Clavi
Making a Sagum

Roman Military Standards

Constructing a Draco Standard

Roman Marching Equipment

The Loculus
Scutum Carrying Strap
The Sarcina (Loculus)
Scutum Carrying Strap II
Clipeus Carrying Straps

Tools, Methods, Tips and Tricks

Cutting Metal Discs
Removing Rust
Forging Blades
Encaustic Paint
Working Brass and Bronze
Dying Wool with Madder
Tips for Encaustic Paint
Tinning Cupric Helmets
Squishing a helmet for a better fit
Scutum painting and edging tips
Covering a scutum with fabric
Waterproofing your caligae/calcei
Molding Leather
Maintaining Your Weapons
Waterproofing your cloak with Lanolin
Putting pleats in your Tunic
Milk Paint to avoid
Various tips for Segmentata Making
Bending scuta blank wood
Adjusting Segmentata Girdle Plates

The Unclassifiable Stuff

Praetorian/Officer's impression
Making an Armour Stand
Vindolanda Drawstring Pouch
Bargercompascuum Drawstring Pouch
Guau! Thanks, Matt! Really useful!

I have made tutorials here about how to made a roman pugio sheath, a roman Mainz gladius and roman belt plates. You can add to the list, of course.
Thanks, I will. I'm at thread page #110, which is about 5 years I still have a long way to go. Cool
Absolvte God amongst men. Thank yov!
Wow, Matt, that is awesome!
Hello Matt,

Great Stuff. Thanks for taking the time and putting this together.
Perhaps we can ask the original posters to re-up any missing photos?
Very useful-especially for new reenactors- thank you.
GOOD work, Matt :-)
Thanks a lot!

Any update to the links? I know it's been 4 years, but the links don't work.
I agree mj. It would be nice to have working links to those sites.
Unfortunately it seems that many links are now dead. I think that has happened due to several conversions?
Are there any way to revive these links?
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