Full Version: Clades Variana - books and other sources
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I'd like to know more about the ,,Clades Variana" and Roman presence in Germania from the conquering Germania behind the river Rhine till the time of defeat of Varus (well maybe also about the campaigns of Germanicus).

Which book should I buy? I have only some books like;

MPERIUM KONFLIKT MYTHOS. 2000 Jahre Varusschlacht

and one book in Polish about Clades Variana.

Thanks in advance,

Ancient warfare magazine has done a special dedicated to the clades variana.
There's a lot of rubbish on the subject. The catalog you mention is excellent; so is the Ancient Warfare special.
I'd second Jona.


I clicked onto this site IMPERIUM KONFLIKT MYTHOS but couldn't make much of it as I don't speak German, and the 'English' icon there doesn't do much :-( Is it the site for the Kalkriese museum? Are there any English texts there for sale?
Hello Ben!

The site is about the special exhibition of 2009/2010 and offers the exhibition catalogues (which you can get via every bookshop).
The official site of the Museum Kalkriese is
It has its introducing texts also in English.