Full Version: Lorica Segmentata pieces
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I came across these pictures of some Segmentata fragments and thought others might appreciate them. Size 195x26 mm and 193x22 mm. Weight of both pieces 43.37 gm. Interesting to see the design along the edge of one of the pieces.





Second one is 170x37 mm and 174x29 mm. Weight of both 57.50 gm. I can't speak about authenticity but they come from a reputable source/dealer. Seems a bit small to me. Would these be shoulder pieces?


Sorry to burst your bubble, but I don't think that is from Lorica Segmentata. The piece is too small to be from a segmentata, even the lesser shoulder guards (the corbridge models anyways). Furthermore the lorica plates were not strapped to each other by a metal wire, they were riveted to a piece of leather. Also I am not sure what the "hole punches" are for, probably some sort of lacing, but certainly nothing from a segmentata that we know of.

The hole punches if anything are more reminiscent of a manica rather than segmentata. I have seen similar ones on ebay through dealers ebay claims to be "reputable". I say "reputable" since ebay still allows a seller who sells clearly artificially aged modern helmets as ancient ones for thousands of USD.
Yeah, the size was what threw me off too. However this seller is a reputable dealer in coins so I have no reason to doubt the authenticity of his other items. Interesting thought of it being from a manica. Any other thoughts?
Context might help. :roll:
Unfortunately there is none. At least none mentioned in the description.
Definetely NOT segmentata plates. Totally different construction. Nor are they from a Manica. The objects are straight and not bent. Imho it is not even Roman.

With context gone you can be sure they come from an illegal excavation, like most stuff coins dealers and other antique dealers dealing in ancient artefacts posess.