Full Version: Legionary a call to arms
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A further extract from Bits & Bats<br>
Also for inspection was a copy of "Legionary a call to arms" published with the aid of Fronto by John Waite of the X1V th. A brief look has encouraged me to send my £11.95 to Serendipity First Floor 37/39 Victoria Rd Dartington DL1 5SF <p></p><i></i>
I have now finished the book and can recommend it to members not really as a novel not really a text book but like "Roman woman" something in between . The plotting is slight and the characters whilst there are not very well rounded. However if you want a rifleman Harris like account of the Roman invasion then this is the book for you. Its particularly interesting by its view of life in a contubernum and because of the lack of sources it has to stretch known history. However there must have been someone in charge of a contubernum even if there is no formal rank. They very likely would have there own private Lares or Genii seeing how suspicious the Romans were. They would certainly have a life that revolved around a small group of men living and fighting with and for each other rather than any high ideals just like our modern rifle section. Those with gentle susceptabilities will not be shocked ; unlike Scarrow the language is f & C free but uses "roman oaths" personally I have no particular preference. What it is of course is another instance of self publishing and no doubt many more of us who have a book within us will follow suit.<br>
ps interestingly the tunics are white and brown with no sight of blue!!! <p></p><i></i>