Full Version: Textile and Textile Production In Europe
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Prehistory to 400AD.

New book from Oxbow
I've had this on pre-order for about 3 mths... I sp with Oxbow last week and they said it should be available at the end of the month. hopefully that will be true!
Amazon US and UK say it will be available Feb 28 too.
Before that, they said December, though....
It's just arrived apparently - they emailed yesterday. They are going to start processing orders from customers care details soon - thats what they said in the email.
The link I put up said available now.

I had trouble with an order for Wearing the Cloak as the email (don't ask me how) went to the wrong person or it wasn't regarded as an order; so it may be worth reminding them that you did order it just to make sure.
Quote:Prehistory to 400AD.

New book from Oxbow
Such a very amazing link!

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