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I once bought a Viking ax reconstruction and have hesitated to bring it with me to Roman presentations since I am not sure how similar they look.

Do Roman axes (not dolabra) and Viking axes look alike at all?


a pic of your axe would be helpful...
Check out this thread about Roman use of Axes:
Do you mean a battle-axe or the tool? If the latter, this illustration of the finds from Newstead may help:
The Newstead types are not so far from the modern hand ones used today for chopping fire wood, I do in fact have a Roman lead Votive one of very similar style to the Newstead.

Sorry I took a while to respond. X or X, attached is the picture of a Viking ax.

Thanks for the Newstead photos. I was looking at either for chopping down trees or weapon.
nope. this one is really well done, but the shape is totally different to roman ones. you could grind it down to a "roman" shape, but that would be a mess Smile
Thanks for the response. Oh problem. It still has a place in my collection.

With respect to the picture I posted, the one I have is exactly the same. However, the picture is not my ax head.
I will take a picture of mine once its completed with a handle and post it on off topic.