Full Version: Republican Era reliefs with facing similarly equip
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Republican Era reliefs with facing, similarly equiped heavy infantry.
I have been looking in vain for this relief, or matching pair of reliefs.
They/it show 2 infantrymen, in crested helmets, musculata, with spears, and what appears to be
padded garments under the armour.
I cannot recal if they are 2 seperate placks, of ivory, or stone carvings.
They could well be of Etruscan or Samnite, or Spanish origin. (I hknow a bit wide on the
mark there but I am working from memory) Seen them so may times, but now I am looking for them I cannot find them, and all my books are about 1000km away, packed in boxes.

Can anyone recall or find these, as I have spent most of my free time out here in vain looking for them.
rings a bell .i'll search my stuff ..i'd chuck in Punic as well for the who's facing who perhaps'es :wink:
Is this the one?

You'll find a drawing of the reliefs in Osprey's "Early Roman Armies".

The caption states they are two bone plaques from Palestrina, dating to the 4th century, depicting Latin hoplites. It also says the plaques probably decorated a magistrate's chair.

Were the two components of these plaques set up at right angles to poduce a pseudo 3D effect?
Thank you!!!! :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
Bloody hell, I tried everything, Connely references, Iberian, Etruscan, Roman, Greek
Samnite, ancient reliefs, Ivory nauseum2
Didn't think of bone though, or Osprey!!

Thanks again!
Renatus, do you know when that relief was dated?
Matt, see Theos post. It is republican, from the very early era.