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I was told this was the website to get an answer about my question of:

Does anyone know of anybody or any business that makes replica furniture (that would be usable) from the Roman era? I am actually wanting an entire room of my house decorated like a mock Senate room - ha ha - so I'm looking for furniture obviously. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
The best place for furniture, in my opinion is
Expensive, but quality and scientific museum reproductions.
You might want to have a read up on it first. You may have to get it made.

This one is in German but if you need something small translated give me a shout or use an online translator.

Interior Architechture of Rome
or Table culture of rome!

Sorry couldn't find anything in English. Will look when I get home.
The Roman fort at Arbeia has a reconstruction Commander's House with lots of furniture in it you may like to have a look at and there's this (Alex works at Arbeia too as it happens) (Oxbow books have a price list for USA if applicable)
Glad you found your way here, Chad! Welcome aboard.
Thank you all for the advice, I appreciate it very much.
I looked at the website where they make replica Roman furniture. I have always wanted that folding "X" type chair. I know that it was a popular design in the 15th century and on presumably because of its connection to Ancient Roman furniture.

Aside from the Renaissance and Victorian periods where these chairs saw popularity, is there evidence of such a chair from the Roman period including sculptural evidence?

The reason I ask is because in the absence of evidence for this type of chair specifically, it would be just like those goofy leather wrist guards that people always wear and associate them with being a Roman soldier. Likewise before I shell out money for this type of chair, I would like to make sure its not just another nonsense association to the Romans.
Well, you have to imagine if the ymade them of metal, they would have used wood too?

Is your post for me? If so, are you suggesting that there are metal remains of these "X" type chairs? Would you happen to have any photos or at least direct me in the right direction?

you just missed the exibition in the "limburgs museum" called IXEA about roman furniture,
you coulld contact them maybe they can help.
The folding campaign stool? I will see if i can find the photos of the original.

This seller of the reproduction refers to the museum it is displayed in.
Here's a couple of links that may help a little:

Google book on Roman furniture

A pdf that includes dimensions (not a "first" blacksmith project, though)

Edit: Link to Christie's auction removed by request.

Does that help at all?
Thank you for the replies. However, I am aware of those types of folding seat, chairs....whatever.

I was asking about chairs like the ones in the links attached to this message. One of the earlier posts mentioned a site where furniture from the Roman period is produced and one of the items is like the chairs that I am providing a reference for. Is there evidence for this type of chair either sculpturally or actually.

Supposedly for the second chair, it is florentine because during the period of the Renaissance, these chairs were re-popularized by aspiring to the classical periods specifically Rome.

Thank you
Yes, my apologies. I can't find anything. However, that doesn't mean they aren't out there...
I can't find many things I have definately seen! :oops:

I understand. It happens to me as well. BTW, I have added links to my earlier post about the chairs I was referring to.
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