Full Version: Roman Imperial Armour - Sim and Kaminski
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...only £18.95 from Oxbow Books...and they have 840 more titles on Greece and Rome in their sale Confusedhock: :wink: (and USA rate as well as UK)
ordered before xmas still waiting
The books I ordered before Christmas arrived today so hopefully yours wont be too far behind. They can be a bit slow...nothing like Amazon!!
Cheers again forthe link!
I'm halfway through it at the moment, and find it very interesting Smile See my first 'observance review' elsewhere on the forum.
Quote:See my first 'observance review' elsewhere on the forum.

That's why I bought it...particularly having compleyed the first part of my blacksmithing course.

Sadly that means the no new book New Year's Resolution is in off to buy the Pliny I want too Big Grin
Just finished and highly recommended for everyone wanting another look in the production (technology) of Roman armour. It has some very interesting views in it, for sure.
My copy has just arrived (along with Wearing the Cloak) and I've been badly distracted by it already! I'm also pleased I've done my basic blacksmithing course before starting to read this as I think I'll get a lot more out of it now. (Very interesting sequence of high speed photographs of fire welding for example).

Quite possibly a "must have" but more for those interested in metal working techniques rather than the finished article on it's own (and makes me FAR more appreciative of the skill of ancient smiths.)