Full Version: In Our Time
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BBC Radio 4's weekly discussion on things that require your brain to be plugged in (my favourites are the ones on quantum mechanics, which usually make mine tie itself in knots) has just been on the subject of the Roman Republic. Melvyn Bragg had as his guests Greg Woolf (Professor of Ancient History at St Andrews University), Catherine Steel (Lecturer in Classics at the University of Glasgow), and Tom Holland (author of <em>Rubicon</em>). You can listen to it in streamed format or download it as an mp3 (12.3Mb in size) - which has to be one of the coolest things you can do with a discussion on Roman history... assuming you worry about coolness ;-) Hurl your browser at<br>
where you will find links to the download (ignore the page title which - at the time of writing this - still refers to last week's programme on Faust) and to a reading list (obliquely entitled Subject Research).<br>
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