Full Version: Pugio Photo information sought
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Does anyone have information regarding this Pugio? Find location? Current location? Different photos?
I checked my Pugio group and I hadn't found this photo before.
Titelberg pugio.
The findspot Titelberg is at P├ętange, Luxemburg.
It is now in the Koninklijke Musea Voor Kunst en Geschiedenis at Brussels, Belgium.
This article might be helpfull:
L. Vanden Berghe & M. Simkins, Construction and reconstruction of the Titelberg dagger.
JRMES 12/13, 2001/2002, 75-84

I do have this paper on the Titelberg and the authors do mention that there was very great difficulty in doing the decoration by hand, and in the end the only way it could be done was to have it done by computer etching which in itself was not easy.
I have my self tried to do this decoration by hand and would also agree with the authors that it is almost impossible, they do give just remark that the craftsman who did it was very good indeed and I would also concur, and I must keep on with it to see if one day I might manage this decor'.
What does interest me is that this decoration is only on the lower band so was there another similar plate fixed to the upper cross piece. ??