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A street through time is worth a look at if you are looking for a child's Stocking filler. It shows the same riverside street through the ages . Its well drawn and the detail is such that a child will pore over it for hours and in so doing aquire an idea of the progression of time.<br>
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"The Roman Army: The Legionary Soldiers who created an empire" by Dyan Blacklock might be another christmas stocking stuffer, even for older students. (It has some nice drawings and the end pages have drawings of many enemies of Rome in different times. ISBN 0-8027-8896-3<br>
To order in the USA from and click the linkbelow. You will not pay extra, but the RA com will get a percentage (If I have figured the correct link)<br>
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I always liked Windrow and Hook's The Footsoldier ever since I saw it in the school library when I was 7 or 8. The story of the Roman Legionary storming Maiden castle was probably formative in my love of Roman military history. There are alos the cutout of Roman soldiers (can't remember the title but the book creates a whole range of Roman figures which you cut out and colour in and assemble putting on shields, spears and swords. Hours of fun - I'll look up the title and post it later)<br>
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