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Hi all,

I'm sure everyone here listens to the Ancient Warfare podcast, and so they should, but I've searched the forums and seen no mention of another favourite of mine: Dan Carlin's 'Hardcore History'. Dan is a full-time podcaster/history buff/ and general enthusiast of the alternative approach to history.

His shows are usually around 90 minutes long and cover the interesting topics found in different historical periods. Rome has had a lot of coverage lately, including a 6 part series named 'Death throes of the Rebublic' (the final instalment being over 5 hours long!). His back catalogue (available on his website includes over 30 podcasts, with the Punic Nightmares series really standing out to enthusiasts of Roman history, as well as an interview with Victor Davis Hanson.

All in all it's a great experience to have someone put their time, effort, and not inconsiderable knowledge into what is, lets remember, a free podcast. It's very accessible too, I know many people with varying knowledge of the ancient world who listen, and with over 300,000 downloads a month he must be doing something right.

I absolutely cannot recommend or praise this podcast enough, I love the drama, the explenations he gives, I dont hear dates, I feel what he says and to me that makes him a phenomonal history enthusiast, I also highly recommend the history of rome and the British History podcast (which incidently seems to be almost entirely about rome so far anyway)
Hi guys!

Thanks for this podcast, sounds very interesting! I have been enjoying Mike Duncan's " The History of Rome" lately. I usually listen to it while jogging (until the sweat makes a block on my ear and I can't hear a thing). The good thing is that if I am to understand everything I hear I am obliged to run with a slower pace which is nice for an older guy ;-) ...
You're welcome Virilis,

There are 9 free episodes on iTunes at the minute, the back catalogue you can get from his website for about £1.50 per episode via paypal. More than worth it however.

It's always good to find another fan Sempronivs, I've been listening to a few favourites again recently,have you heard 'Old School Toughness'? It's a fascinating idea that doesn't really get talked about much these days; do tougher times make tougher people?

Hey Joe,

I loved that one! I will admit the episode on slavery absolutely turned my world upside down. I purchased his punic wars episodes which were great but I think I want to go all the way back to the beginning, this mans podcasts should be handed out in schools. Even if corrected just to get a passion out there for history.