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I am going to Venice this spring, does anybody have any suggestions of good Italian cooking?
I have had some very nice Pizzas over there.
Eat where the locals eat, and what the locals eat! Wink
Don´t eat anywhere near the canale grande. Horribly expensive, usually not good. Follow Byron´s advice closely.
The IMO best places to go are

Al Covo
Campiello della Pescaria, Castello 3968
Tel.: (041) 522 38 12.

and the famous

Harry's Bar
Calle Vallaresso, San Marco 1323
Tel.: (041) 52 85 77 77.

Locanda Cipriani
Piazza San Fosca 29, Isola di Torcello
Tel.: (041) 73 01 50.

Al Paradiso Perduto
Fondamenta de la Misericordia, Cannaregio 2540
Tel.: (041) 72 05 81.
Many students, live music

Osteria alla Botte
Campo San Bartolomeo, San Marco 5482
Tel.: (041) 520 97 75.
traditional place, great Lasagna ;-)

Da Renato
Rio Terà Secondo, San Polo 2245A
Tel.: (041) 524 19 22.
Down-to earth & traditional, but very good. Quite simple interior... ^^