Full Version: Marcus Didius Falco, anyone?
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Just wondering if anyone here has gotten into the Lindsey Davis novels about the above character? She puts an extensive amount of research into her books, and I have found them to be fantastic reads. The protagonist, Falco, is an "informer", a sort of 1st century detective employed by Vespasian. Her style or writing is very good, giving Falco a sort of Sam Spade persona.

I'm sure some here have read them, but if you haven't give her books a try. I believe the first novel in the series is "Iron Hand of Mars", but each is pretty much self supporting, so they do not need to be read in series.
I have them all! They are good reads... I have to disagree on out-of-order reading, though. I am re-reading them all - in order - because the latest book's ending absolutely stunned me. I want to see what I missed in character development that leads to the final scene. (No spoilers from me.)

The first book in the series is "The Iron Pigs".
Wonderful stories: I have the whole set, and some with the UK dust jackets, just because. The Iron Hand of Mars and Silver Pigs are my favorites though.
The Iron Hand of Mars is my favorite and it was nice meeting again some of the legionaries from that one, and the Veleda, too, in Saturnalia. And yes, the first one, The Silver Pigs is another favorite in the series.
I have read a number of these as well as some of the "Gordianus the Finder" books by Steven Saylor.
Golly! I first read these many years ago recovering from a back injury (mid 1990s)but still re-read the fist five in the series on a regular basis.

The Silver Pigs is my favourite but I found the later ones too fomulaic and "forced" but they are still hugely enjoyable. I love her descriptions of Rome.