Full Version: Eagle of the Ninth on the Radio
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Many years ago I emailed BBC Radio 7 (as it was then) to ask if they still had the recording of David Davis (not the Tory MP, but rather the distinguished broadcaster) reading Eagle of the Ninth which was what introduced me to it many many years ago. Sadly they appear to have lost it in the Great Tape Recycling scandal but they did say they proposed replaying a dramatised version of it. And here it is. Probably won't work for those outside the UK, but there you go; there has to be a price to pay for not being on the Sceptred Isle, after all ;-)

Mike Bishop
Works in Germany.... ^^
Wow - that's brilliant, Mike, thank you for posting. Now to find some time to listen to it. Big Grin
I listened along with my son.... he's looking forward to the next installment Smile