Full Version: gladius hispaniensis late republic period
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Before all, let me introduce myself, I'm an italian reenactor, recently i do some event with the Cohors II Praetoria, I love all the period of Rome, but there is one thing that is very strange for me.... why in the late repubblic, in the cesarean period the gladiu hispaniensis became to have a long and massive blade than the classical republican blade... for example the "classical blade" is 60 cm/ 23,6 inch long and 4,5 cm/ 1,7 inch large while the late republican blade ( for example Delos ) is 65 cm/ 25,5 inch long and 5,7 cm/ 2,2 inch large... why in the late repubblica the blade become too massive ? is there a particular reason with the fancing of that period ?
thank you :wink:
Fascinating question ( as I am most interested in this period, and the lack of evidence we have). In summary I apologize for the lack of an informative response I am able to give, and hope that someone more knowledgable will soon reply.