Full Version: The Praetorship of the Roman Republic, Vol II
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I am trying to find out if anyone has or has access to T.C. Brennan's "The Praetorship of the Roman Republic, Vol. II"

Local libraries around here don't have it and the book is a little out of my price range. I am trying to get a list of Praetors from 107 - 103 BC.

Do you have access to T.R.S. Broughton's The Magistrates of the Roman Republic?

It does have its flaws - it's most useful only for the period 218 to 166 B.C., since Prof. Broughton relies on Livy (cf. the review by Adams in AJA), and the book does date to the 1950s and so may not take into account new discoveries in epigraphy and new analysis of the sources, but it may be a start if Brennan is not accessible.

Unfortunately, I have no access to either (and Broughton seems to exceed even Brennan in cost), but hopefully someone here on RAT does.
I've noted that Yale University, New Haven, CT (USA) has both and the Magistrates of the Roman Republic is also in an electronic format. This information probably won't help you one bit - unless you are a student at a university that might be able to get information from Yale.
I have a library card - but I pay to use it (I am not a student - I attend an annual conference - and the card allows me to use books, etc. at Yale, but I cannot take them out of the libraries) and a photocopy card, but again, one pays to make copies. I can activate the card for up to 4 weeks any time.
I've been wanting to get to Yale to access some information in the Classics (non-circulating) Library as well as their main library collection.
Broughton's Magistrates of the Roman Republic Vol.2 covers the years 99-31 BC, the end of the Republic. I found mine on ebay for $75 and worth every penny. Look around.
Quote:I am trying to get a list of Praetors from 107 - 103 BC.
You seem to have picked a fairly obscure period.

From Broughton:
107 BC: ? Cn. Aufidius; C. Billienus; C. Flavius Fimbria
106 BC: ? L. Aurelius Orestes
105 BC: ? T. Albucius; L. (Annius?) Bellienus; L. [--]onius
104 BC: ? M'. Aquillius; T. Flaminius; L. Licinius Lucullus; P. Licinius Nerva; C. Memmius
103 BC: ? L. Valerius Flaccus; Vibius; [? Glaucia]

Lucullus seems to be the only certain one!
Texas A&M university is right down the road but unfortunately they don't have a copy.

Hopefully someone else has Brennan's book.

Thanks for the replies so far,

Can they not get a copy through an inter-library loan service? It works in the UK and I see from Wikipedia that there seems to be a similar system in the States.