Full Version: Ribbed Squamata scales_exist?
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I am wondering if there are any ribbed squamata scales that belonged to the Romans. I read that there are squamata scales from Masada but they are not Roman. Is this accurate?

All internet photo searches have resulted in only dished scales with no mid-ribs.

The only scales that I know are ribbed belong to the famous hybrid armor where scales are woven into mail. Other than this, I am not aware of other ribbed scales.

Looking at the Sertorius Festus stela it appears that he has a scale shirt with ribbed scales and to be honest I would like to copy that stela ONLY if there is actual evidence that ribbed Roman squamata scales exist.

Does anyone have any photos, dating, dimensions, thickness, etc for ribbed Roman scales.

Help is really appreciated.
Have you seen this?

It seems much bigger than the Newstead examples to which it is compared. I am afraid that I do not know anything of the Chichester example cited but others may have the relevant volume.
Thank you for the reply. I know of these scales since somone sent me a link for this site.