Full Version: Gladii under many???
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My question is this, how many of the various types (Mainz, Fulham, Pompeii) of gladius are in museums etc.
I'm just trying to get a handle on the relative sample size out there, so when types of gladius--I'll leave the number of calvery spatha and the ever-elusive semispatha for someone else to ask about--are discussed and their relative features, we can say that of the X number known of (fill in the blank) type, this many have these features in common.
I've seen people on this board discussing helmets and armor in this fashion, why not swords, since there are probably more of them out there.
And no, I really don't want an individual breakdown of how many of this or that type are at each individual museum, but just a general number, so we don't go making gross over-generalizations such as "they are all like that!" about something when only a handful are known to exist in the world.
I think it would take quite a group effort to answer your question properly, as there are new finds all the time. However, the best place to look for this sort of information is in Christian Miks very comprehensive book on Roman swords. I don't have my copy with me right now but others here might be able to look for you.

One thing I could say though is that the Fulham sword is not a 'type' as such. It is a Mainz type sword, albeit a slightly narrow example. I think people like to count it as a separate type on the basis of it being the only Mainz type sword known from Britain. I don't think that is a good enough reason.

Crispvs, I agree with you that the Fulham type is most likely an over-sharpened Mainz but people seem to want make it a seperate type and that argument is a seperate one for another day.
The C. Miks book probably comes close to having the answers I'm seeking but it's high cost of $260 USD and my admitted lack of German language skills keep me from buying it at the moment, although I'm sorely tempted and Xmas is getting closer and closer. :wink: