Full Version: Unique finds not neccesarily Roman
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Like many I can't help get excited when some new item is discovered at a Roman military site. However I think it is important to remember that an item not having any other
evidence of Roman military use might be from some other culture and may have been captured or confiscated military gear brought to the location for one of many purposes:

Dedication to a Shrine
Display as a War Trophy

Alternately an item may have been purchased abroad or retained by an individual as a keepsake, collectable or for future sale or reuse.

There is also some small chance of an item being left behind by a visiting dignity or merchant from a foreign culture.
is this thread for people to post findings?
Quote:is this thread for people to post findings?
No, but you can start a new thread. However, please no unprovenanced finds, We ask for a good site report, we don't want to encourage site robbery.