Full Version: Republican Shield Umbo Question
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Just working on some scenes set during the Roman conquest of Gaul. While I am familiar with the Republican shield boss umbo found at Mainz illustrated in Connolly and those with delta like side wings from Bishop and Coulston, I have been told that there is another type.

This has small extensions on either side at both the top and bottom of the boss giving a 'T' like effect. Does anyone know the source for this and have any pictures of original archaeological specimens?


I have some pictures, somewhere...just need to track them down.
Thanks Byron

I have seen reconstruction drawings of them (Ancient Warfare) and even pictures of re-enactors using them but as far as I can remember I have never seen an original find.

Do you mean something like that?

Thanks, that's the one. Thanks to Francois Gilbert I also know there are others from Gergovia and Lyon too.

I do have quite a few actually in the same style like theses for exemple, but are they really from Cesar times? They could well be from a period before like the legions that were destroyed by the Teutones before Marius arrival, or they could also be early Augustus period.

I hope that it helps.