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Ave Civitas,

I have another problem, this one concerning Roman administration.

Diocletian subdivided the province into Moesia Inferior and Scythia Minor.
Prior to that time Tomis was the captial of Moesia Inferior. After the division, I imagine, but can not verify, that Tomis became the capital of Scythia Minor since it would be within its boundaries.

My question is then, what became the new capital of Moesia Inferior. I have searched my texts and searched on-line and can find Tomis identified several times, but nothing after the partition.

Thanks, you guys are great.

Ave Civitas,

I think I found what I was looking for:
gives a map showing the provincial boundaries in the 6th century. On it are highlighted the provincial capitals.

If the provincial boundaries of this map are not what they were in the late 4th, early 5th century, I would appreciate a note so I don't screw my novel up too bad.

Thanks again, you guys are great.

I think Marcianopolis is the provincial capital especially as the Notitia Dignitatum lists an imperial shield and weapons fabrica in the city. There was another in Hadrianopolis, capital of the province of Haemimontus south of Moesia Secunda.
The map looks as good as any, and yes, Marcianopolis was the capital. The province was more correctly called Moesia Secunda.

There's a list of army units and their bases in the ND, if you haven't seen it already.

- Nathan
Ave Nathan,

I have seen the ND and I looked at the shield patterns, unit listings, for Lower Moesia,

but I don't see garrison towns listed.

Is there somewhere else I should be looking?


Yes, that site only lists the unit names and not their locations. The complete text can be found here.

This is the relevant section for Moesia Secunda (any spelling errors and typos are from the site above, not me!):

Dux Moesiae secundae.

Sub dispositione viri spectabilis ducis moesiae secundae:
Cuneus equitum scutariorum, Securisca.
Cuneus equitum Solensium, Dimo.
Cuneus equitum scutariorum, Latius.
Cuneus equitum armigerorum, Sexagintaprista.
Cuneus equitum secundorum armigerorum, Tegra.
Cuneus equitum scutariorum, Appiaria.
Cuneus equitum stablesianorum, Sucidaua.
Milites praeventores, Ansamo.
Milites Constantini, Trimammio.
Milites Dacisci, Mediolana.
Milites tertii navclarii, Appiaria.
Milites Novenses, Transmariscae.
Milites primi Moesiaci, Candidiana.
Milites Moesiaci, Teglicio.
Milites quarti Constantiani, Durostoro.
Milites Cimbriani, Cimbrianis.
Milites navclarii Altinenses, Altino.
Item legiones riparienses:
Praefectus legionis primae Italicae, Nouas.
Praefectus ripae legionis primae Italicae cohortis
quintae pedaturae superioris, Nouas.
Praefectus ripae legionis primae Italicae cohortis
quintae pedaturae inferioris, Sexagintaprista.
Praefectus legionis undecimae Claudiae, Durostoro.
Praefectus ripae legionis undecimae Claudiae
cohortis quintae pedaturae superioris, Transmariscae.
Praefectus ripae legionis undecimae Claudiae
cohortis quintae pedaturae inferioris, Transmariscae.
Praefectus navium amnicarum et militum ibidem deputatorum.

Et quae de minore laterculo emittuntur:
In provincia Rhodopa:
Cohors quarta Gallorum, Ulucitra.
In provincia Thracia:
Cohors prima Aureliana, sub Radice - Viamata.
Cohors tertia Valeria Bacarum, Drasdea.

Hope that helps - Nathan
Ave Nathan,

Boy, you guys are great. I am glad you showed me that url. Lots of good information there. Now I need to go to my map and position those units where they are.

Again, thanks a lot.