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Hi guys
I just got back from a car trip from Italy to Portugal. Just like a child I got really excited to see and touch(!) the roman towers and wall segments at Carcassonne and Bayonne.

I almost fainted when I saw Pont-du-Gard! Spent magical late-afternoon hours in the shadow of the acqueduct resting my small children and my car-shaken bones in the cool river.

Of course I stopped a night in Orange to see the arch and the theater. On to Portugal I chose to stop in Salamanca (Spain) to see the roman bridge. Magnificent.
It's absolutely beautifully amazing what the Romans, and even other ancient civilizations accomplished! Now us modern humans, with all the help we get from our lazy technology and crane lifts, makes us look like sissies! We truly are... :roll: Only us historians are the only ones who can appreciate what they've done and see what the modern world has become :-P

But yes very very nice pictures, there isn't a river there under the bridge anymore or never was? Just a method of transport? The aqueduct is....stunning, those giant arches and strong structures look intimidating! I hope I get to see them one day. I could never appreciate Hadrian's wall as it was literally maybe 2 feet tall, and thanks to the people robbing it of it's bricks and stones, reduced to nothing. I doubt it could even keep a baby from climbing from one side to the other Confusedad:

there is a river! The french did a smart thing: the whole area around the acqueduct is a park and hence the scenery down in the valley hasn't changed much. It costs 15 euros to access the parking and I suggest you visit the place with hours of free time.
There is something about the Roman stone arch that I really enjoy. It is so simple and majestic. I always try to find the keystone and imagine the workers putting it in place.
MORE photos please!!

What a fabulous trip.
I dream of a car trip across Europe...from france to Greece, or Hungary!
The first trip I ever did to Rome was by road with four other members of the VIth Victrics, that was when I was invited by the Roman Military to take part in their Militaria Revista at the Museo Della Civilta Romana, it was a very interesting experience indeed.