Full Version: an unknown roman reliefs
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Hallo to everyone, I'm new here even if I read RAT since a long time ago.
I'd like to ask if someone knows where this image come from:
I'm interested in the very unusual helmet on foreground.
It looks suspiciously Renaissance-like to me. Especially that sun.
Hmm, not sure about that one. The style of the sculpture appears rather more 19th century 'Romantic' than Roman... But I might be wrong.

The helmet looks something like a type seen often on Roman coins, but otherwise unknown in (archaeological) reality. There are a large number of unusual-looking Roman helmets, most of them classified under 'cavalry sports', but I can't think of anything quite like this.

(edit - ah, crossed with Jona! Yes, renaissance or later, probably...)
You both confirm my own doubts: I've seen it on several web sites, but none of them is a "Historical" site, and none gives any reference about the photo.
If it was a real roman relief I could find it in at least one specialistic web site..
thank you very much