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Here's an interesting photo of a 2nd Century cavalry helmet slightly modified to become my version of the "one-eyed men" mentioned by Herodotus, Pliny, and at least three other ancient authors. These mythical figures supposedly lived at the base of the Urals and stole gold from the gryphons. They lived near the "earth's door bolt" and the "birth-place of the North Wind."


This is a cut-down version of the cover-photo for The Demon's Door Bolt; A Tale of End-Time Panic as a Prelude to the Total Absence of EVERYTHING. The sci-fi novel takes place in AD 499, and combines the door-bolt legend with those of Prester John and the Holy Grail. The characters include a resurrected Vishpala, Amanirena, Sun Tzu, Uther Pendragon, plus Ekhida the Ageless and two other warriors who battle Daemon (Satan) and his one-eyed men. The novel should be available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble next month.
Cool idea, now I know what I will do with my Niederbieber helmet once I get around to buy a Buch helmet for my 2nd Century impression.
Reminds me of the Cylons from the 1980's Battlestar Galactica.
Imperial toaster.
I really mucked the helmet up. I used duct tape to attach a spot flashlight and two arm sections of lorica segmentata on the inside. What a mess! Goo all over the interior.
This could easily go into any dr. Who episode !! Smile
Quote:This could easily go into any dr. Who episode !! Smile

Yes it could! The only differences are time-period, the one-eyed men are in a story c. AD 500, and location-- these guys come from "inner" space instead of outer space. :lol:
Quote:What a mess! Goo all over the interior.
There is a chemical you can buy from a good paint store that is the solvent for the adhesive. But short of that, grocery store petroleum "Charcoal Lighter" or simple kerosene will dissolve it after a few swipes of an old cloth. [caution: discard the rags in water, not air, as they can spontaneously combust] Then you can use soap and water, lacquer thinner, or acetone to remove the oily film.

I knew those years in a sign painting shop would come in handy someday. Tongue
Hi, David

Thanks for the cleaning tip. I don't plan on wearing this helmet; wrong time-period. But the sticky residue will muck up my helmet stand. I plan on displaying the helmet. Not everyone has a former one-eyed man kicking around. :grin:
One is glad to be of service, sir.
Thanks again, David

The helmet is now clean and back on its stand.

Here is the finished version of the cover. The novel is being positively citiqued: 3 reader comments on Amazon, and 2 on Goodreads (which also show up on Better World Books). My son, Jason, spiced the photo, adding a heightened "eye."


There are, by the way, two former Roman cavalry officers in the tale-- Uther Pendragon (Count of Britain) and a Magyar named Arpad.
I have always thought that there is something vaguely robotic and mechanical looking about your classic Roman legionary. They do look like fighting machines rather than men dressed in armour. I could see the Dr. Who connection, or even the Cylons off Battlestar Gallactica. To me they more resemble ancient Robocops!

The excellent photo above reminds me of Gort from The Day The Earth Stood Still!!! Smile :wink: :lol:

Good observation!

The one-eyed man pictured is an Alfa (or Moron; Daemon calls them all "Moron") and it was influenced by The Day the Earth Stood Still, the original, not the new flick with Reeves in it (a waste of film). The improved versions in the tale are Betas, and they look like Hel in Metropolis except males.

I'm looking for reviewers on this sci-fi/alternate-history tale, so if you or anyone out there wants a PDF of it, I'll send it. What I need is reader comments on Amazon.
Wow! All those guys in it? Maybe Nixon will make another comeback too, and bring in Bender...
and dinosaurs... like this japanese kid's thing back in the 90s said, " the dinosaurs didn't become extinct, they went into space.... sings " Dinosaurs in space...."
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