Full Version: An \"Ikea\" for Roman Furniture (Museum Exhibit
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I read with great interest about an extremely creative exhibit that the Limbergs Museum in Venlo, NL is running through next March. Titled "Ixea" in homage to the popular Swedish furniture chain, the exhibit features reconstructions of several items of furniture, as well as replicated frescoes and other furnishings.

Have any of our Dutch amicii been to the exhibit? I see that the furniture's actually for sale (probably not cheap) and I wish I could either buy or make some of it myself!

Link to the article

The Ixea Exhibit
Well, I've been involved with this project a bit, and fellow board member Robert Wimmers made some pieces for it.

Although it's not far away, I've to say I didn't have been there, yet. However the pictures I've seen the exhibition is rather nicely done and items are certainly nice, though expensive, indeed.
i'm going shortly but for all abroad there is a webshop on the site of the "limburgs museum"in which smaller things are sold.