Full Version: Statores?
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I've noticed that a number of inscriptions memorializing the career of soldiers, who have advanced to primipilares status or beyond, sometimes reflect service as a Centurion of the Statores.

Are there any dissertations or articles, focusing on the Statores and the extent (if any) they functioned differently than the Vigiles or Urban Cohorts? How large was the force? Was it under the command (ultimately) of the emperor? Did they function as mere watchmen?

depends on what statores you are referring of, they are the normal ones 2 centuries in every castra, they are found in conjunction with legatus legionnis or with prefectus alae or I think for the prefect of Egypt

and there were the statores Augusti (statores praetorianorum) in conjunction with the emperor, and they were under prefectus pretorianus

and I think they were commanded by curator statorum and (or?) praefectus statorum

is just I had noted in my notes can look for refs in books