Full Version: 2nd Punic War
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Looking to get schooled up on the 2nd Punic War. What ancient sources and modern nonfiction should I start reading?

Thanks ahead!
Polybius, Polybius and Polybius... oh! and do not forget to thoroughly study Polybius... (yes I truly am a member of Polybius' fan club Big Grin Big Grin ). Fun aside, much more information can be found in many other sources, but Polybius is where you truly should start...
Also, there is Appian and Livy.
take anything writen by the romans with a pinch of salt :lol: but seriously Polybius is a great start .many modern works to read most just rehash the original classical works. 'life & death of Carthage 'by GC & C Picard is an old work from the 1960's but a good read too.
Polybius is the the best way to start. Then Livy, but take him with caution 'cause Livy didn't fully understood battle tactics, and his usage of his own sources can be misleading.
Thanks to all for the suggestions!
Goldsworthy's book on the whole set of wars is a good enough read, too.