Full Version: Dingaling said the priests bell before it was lost
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From the paper:

JERUSALEM — A tiny golden bell which was lost in Jerusalem some 2,000 years ago during the Second Temple period has been found among ruins near the Old City, Israel's Antiquities Authority said on Friday.

The bell, which is thought to have been an adornment which was sewn onto the garments of a senior official, was uncovered during excavation work on a drainage channel in the City of David, an area in the Arab neighbourhood of Silwan just south of the Old City walls.

"It seems the bell was sewn on the garment worn by a high official in Jerusalem at the end of the Second Temple period," an IAA statement said.

The bell was found inside the main drainage channel taking rainwater from different parts of the city to the pool of Siloam, which is mentioned several times in the Bible.

"Apparently, the high official was walking in the Jerusalem street in the vicinity of Robinson?s Arch and lost the gold bell that fell from his garment into the drainage channel beneath the road," it said, noting that Jewish high priests were known to have bells sewn onto their robes.

"It is impossible to know for certain if the bell did indeed belong to one of the high priests; however, the possibility should not be entirely discounted."

Could it have been a bell from a sacrificial offering that was paraded to the temple?
The problem is often with these finds that we just do not know. The site south of the Temple mound is littered with artefacts, shards and what have you. Some is from the year the Romans destroyed the Temple itself, during the Judaean war, some later, some earlier. Most of the times aecheological artefacts are found in layers, the oldest are generally the deepest. It was found in a drainage channel, which could mean it was washed away at one stage. Whether or not it was worn by a Temple official or other high ranking official is also not clear. It could also have been worn by a Roman soldier, tradesman, the donkey of the tradesman, a woman, no one really knows. Archaologists often, and especially in Israel, love to attach any find to famous and infamous periods of the country's centuries old history.

Unless there is iconographic evidence and unless the bell was found attached to a piece of fabric or cloth it is an assumption of Time Team proportions to assert it was sewn onto any garment never mind a priest's!
What was that high priest's name again....... :-? :roll:
There were many but Caiaphas was the most ominous...

Thats the very fellow!! :grin:
Must have been his.... :wink:
So this bell was found in a sewer, where the drainage comes from anywhere in Jerusalem? Yeah, dating it is not easy, not to mention attributing a function (unless they already have other examples?).

Honestly, that bell looks to me like a medieval pilgrims Compostela Shell type of thing...

-Adam C.