Full Version: Roman Legion Small Unit Tactics Sources
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I am interested in reading about the small unit (centuria and under) tactics of the Republican and early Principate army and the wars they fought in. Ancient sources, journals, magazine articles, books (nonfiction presumptions based on common sense and sources), reenacting, etc.
I am trying to figure out how much I have seen (movies...I know) and read (what Barnes and Noble has to offer) is based on conjecture or anecdotal quotes from older books and what ancient sources and archeology have to say.
Has anyone wrote an all inclusive study based on ancient sources, reenactments or field testing ancient weapons and their true affects, the study of military hand to hand fighting (encompassing the pyschological such the recent On Killing by Grossman), etc.?
Any recommendations would be much appreciated.
Look here:
For the Tactica it is well footnoted with sources.
Thanks and Hoo ah!
This issue of ancient warfare magazine has a good article. (as well as being an excellect reference on Centurions.