Full Version: spear throwing devices
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Hello everyone
Does anyone know if the romans used spear-throwing devices such as the australian woomer or the aztech atlatl. I now these devices appeared in human prehistory in various places (convergence: independent inventions).

Since these devices add great power Confusedhock: hence range and penetrating capability, I have always been a little surprised :roll: that they are never mentioned in RAT. Does it mean the romans didn't use them? Any ideas why it wouldn't be used (not practical Cry , rather than then the romans, a very practical people, not having had the idea)?


There is literary (I believe Isodore of Sevilla) and epigraphic evidence (gravestones) for use of a leather or fabric sling (I am not sure whether that is the correct English term, the latin term is: "amentum") bound to Roman throwing spears (lancea) which would serve the same purpose as the throwing aids you refer to.

I am not aware of any evidence on separate throwing aids.
One gravestone that seems to depict an amentum is that of Publius Flavoleius Cordus of Legio XIIII GMV - note that he is also shown with an oval shield slung on his back.,94/