Full Version: Anyone Know the Email Address for Dietwulf Baatz?
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I'm new to the list, so please excuse me if I am not following some protocol as yet unknown to me, but here goes:

Does anyone have the email address for Dietwulf Baatz? I am publishing a book on Hellenistic naval warfare and I'd like to reproduce a couple of his images. Thanks to anyone who might help.

William Murray
I do not have his email but I believe he is still teaching archaeology at the Frankfurt university.

You should be able to contact him through the archaeology department of the Frankfurt university: +49-69-798 32267
I've checked the website for the university, but found it a bit difficult to find a simple listing of departments (i.e. Archaeology) or Institutes. A search of the faculty of the university revealed only one 'Baatz' but not Dietwulf. If he is an emeritus professor, he might not be listed. Again ... advice or help would be appreciated.

Bill Murray
Already published images? Then you could ask the editor/organisation of the publications.
Thanks, but I've already done that. They come from a reprint edition (Mavors) and were originally published in the 70s. I've also sent a snail mail letter to the land address I have for him. Just thought someone might help me speed up the process. --WM
Quote:I believe he is still teaching archaeology at the Frankfurt university.
Really? He's 83.
He is still listed here:

Prof. Doctor Baatz looked very much alive at last years Odenwaldlimes-Kolloquium.
You couldn't tell he was 82 then, if you didn't know. :mrgreen: