Full Version: Multiperiod in Dorstadt (Germany) June 02 - 05
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In Dorstadt is a quite big multiperiod event from Stone Age to 1949. International groups are presenting the most interesting periods.

More information:

We´ll be there. Any one else joining?
Will be there on Saturday, 4th June, but only as a visitor Tongue
Sure, just a few meters beside you ...

Let us have a "Gesrstenkaltschale"

Yepp, sounds great! Let´s go for it ... probably hmmm two?
Schluckspecht :roll: :roll:
Hello Medusa!
Hope i will come somedays to the event - it is far from Slovenia and i should take a fly, again and some days free of working, this is difficult because i am a teacher.
Have a nice event!
Will be there. Just came back from the jungles of Borneo today, so no idea how far planings are for our little Zeitinsel.

And yes, Gerstenkaltschale after having chinese beer the last three weeks sounds good!