Full Version: Any Early Germanic reenactment events in Germany?
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Hello everyone,

I was wondering in there are any early Germanic reenactment events in Germany this summer before Sept 1? I'm visiting Europe this summer, and I'm staying in Germany for most of the time. I will be participating in Roman and Germanic Days at Kalkriese, and I'm trying to get in contact with the Funkenburg in Thuringia for their August reenactment week. Could anyone direct me to some other events, and how I could get in contact with the organizers?


at July 24th there is an Event in Opfermoor Oberdorla
Thanks Sindri! I'm probably going to that event with the Chasuari (Robert already invited me). Would you happen to know which group is connected with the Funkenburg, and how I could get in contact with them?
Hi Harjaz,
Surely you know the HP:
As far as I know the association organizes the event and you can contact via HP.
Although before, in Kalkriese , some people will be around which were connected to the Funkenburg and can tell you more.
I already contacted them via their HP, but they haven't gotten back to me yet. I wanted to get in contact as soon as possible, but since the Klakriese event is in two weeks, I'll just get in contact with the people there. Thanks for your help though!


The group Ars-Replika which does a representation of first century Germanic civilians will be at the Celtoi and Kastel Abusina events.