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Hello all!

I went to my first Medieval event yesterday and loved it. I would like to go to some Roman events but am having trouble finding them from simple google searches. I plan to go to the festival of history but would like some more to visit. Is there a list up anywehre?

Thanks x
Well, just look at the websites of the different Roman groups in the UK (Comitatus, 14th, ESG, Britannia, II AVG, Colchester, Deva come to mind). Most have a event list on their website.
The Batavians have a couple of events in 2011 also, I don't think they are online yet - but they should be soon Smile
In Chester will be a big event the first weekend in June organized by Roman Tours/Deva Victrix as you could see here:
Natalia, Jurjenius has it bang on. Check out the reenactment groups for details of the events that they'll be doing. Other groups not mentioned include Vicus and the RMRS.

Also look at English Heritage sites like Corbridge and Chedworth Roman Villa, and forts on Hadrian's Wall like Vindolanda for dates that they have events on. Other non EH Sites like Fishbourne Roman Palace also have events with Roman reenactors on over the summer.

The English Heritage Festival in July this summer will have LOTS of Roman reenactors, and lots of Roman authors talking, from Harry Sidebottom to Doug Jackson to Tony Riches to me!
Natalia, here's Britannia's events list for the year:

We've just had our first 5thC show of the season at Flag Fen near Peterborough, which was most enjoyable. We have another 5thC show at the start of June as part of the Chester Roman Festival, guesting with Deva Victrix, and many of our members will be travelling from all over the country for this one as there was a lot of interest in us portraying a slightly later period. Should be great fun and we're all looking forward to taking part.

After this the events until the end of August are Gladiatorials, including the highly prestigious event at the Guildhall in London on 30/31 July. We can't wait for this one and have all been preparing to make it the best that we can.

Look forward to seeing you at some of our events. Come and say hello - we are a friendly bunch Wink
I'll be there with Will Hall of Llawerch Productions and Rent-a-Celt. We will be doing craft and food demos and trading stock and custom made one offs Smile

Say hello
Members of the Invicti Iuniores Brittaniciani will coming down from York to show their support for the event.We will be attending as part of displays with our friends in Britannia.

Come along and say hello.

Edited:I've also been informed there will be Roman Cavalry there this year which is a bonus for all.
Sounds like its going to be a great event. With the Roman Cavalry taken part along side Invicti Iuniores Brittaniciani and Britannia - equals probably one of the best shows this year. Nice one Tongue
Hi Jamie!

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I have finally slain the multi-headed beastie that is our website provider's new beta setup!!!

So the BATAVI confirmed events list is now on the website & there are a few more still being discussed. [url=][/url]
Yay! Batavi!!!

Could you let me know if Rob got my membership chq for Batavi? Tried to contact him but I heard he is v busy with his new small person, so just wanted to make sure

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