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Hi, I believe this is the appropriate place to post this, I am having trouble posting onthe forum, the last 4 out of 5 attempts to post are simply deleted after I click "submit". I have tried to log out and log back in, which worked once, but then continued to not allow me to reply. I know the site recently had maintenance done last week, is this perhaps a glitch?

Edit: The first time I attempted to post this also failed, and I had to log out, and then in again before being able to post the second time, I first started having this problem Friday or Saturday, and had hoped it would fix itself.
I'm no expert on this in any way, but have you perhaps changed your cookie setting or your firewall?
Ok, I switched from IE to Google Chrome, and I don't seem to have the problem... yet. I have not changed any of my internet settings, they are the same now as they were 2 months ago
IE was not a problem, Chrome is?

Any other Chrome users have tips to share?
Actually it was the other way around, IE was the problem but only if I clicked "remember me" and left the page and came back over the course of a few hours. Chrome seemingly works fine so far
You could probably gather a large crowd of folks who would harmonize with you on complaints about IE. I intrinsically don't trust Google, so I went with Firefox when Netscape lost their long battle with Microsoft.
Greetings all,

While this might not be the optimum location for my particular issue, I didn't feel it worthy of generating it's own thread.

After much investigation on the forum's "Search" function on such topics as, "Creating a signature", "Signature", etc. and perusing thoroughly my profile, edit profile page, etc. I cannot figure out how to set up a Signature block.

All the instruction I have found via the Search function, to be in compliance with forum rules is;

"Click on profile>point profile>signature". Sadly, my profile page seems devoid of any such set-up path. Am I possibly the newest member since the "merger" last week having this issue?

I am on a couple of different forums and have not had this type of a problem setting up a simple signature block. If I'm simply "thick" and not seeing the obvious, please, for the sake of the general readership, help me with a PM so as not to bore the others.

I am, most sincerely,

B. Yurko Mikels

P.S. Has it ever been tossed about to include a general location, not exact address, of the membership in this signature block? , City, Country etc. I have read quite a few interesting posts by some very knowledgable people. I'm sure most living outside of my part of the World. Too bad that I don't know if one actually lives within pub distance so that we might get together and hash out Roman history over a pint or three!!
I know through initial research that there are at least 3 separate re-created groups in my general local. I don't think many of them post often as most of the current posters appear European, and rightly so. That history happened there.

Simply a new member observation....
I'm hunting. It's arranged differently from the old system. When I get it, I'll get back with you with a step by step on how to put in a signature. Thanks for being concerned about keeping the rules.
Mr. Wills,

You have my gratitude. As to adhering to the rules, I've been thoroughly molded thus by my inclusion within The Authentic Campaigner forum. They do not tolerate non-compliance of forum rules over there.

Like that other forum, it's refreshing to see so many professional as well as non-professional scholars in their fields, equally interested in Living History posting on this site. Unfortunately, I don't rank among them but I do enjoy learning from their valuable input.

Besides, Roman kit kicks Ass and it looks like there is a big danger of possibly becoming a helmet junkie!!

I am, sincerely,

B. Yurko Mikels
Okay, adding or editing a signature is a bit more complicated (seemingly) that it used to be, first click on your avatar (or username), you will then be at your home page, there are several tabs, place your mouse cursor over the tab marked 'Forum' (not 'Profile', under 'Profile' there is an 'edit profile' link, but it will not take you to your signature) several options will drop down, click on 'Edit Profile', then click on 'Profile Information', then look to the bottom of the screen you will find a text block to enter your signature, simply enter your name and other info you may wish to include (some of us have favorite poetic lines etc.)

Hope that helps. Smile

Yes, that is the path to a signature block. Admittedly, I would probably not have chosen that sequence randomly. I believe this would be useful information for new members as myself. Albeit tomorrow is when I'll work on mine.

B. Yurko Mikels

Yes, that is the path to a signature block. Admittedly, I would probably not have chosen that sequence randomly. I believe this would be useful information for new members as myself. Albeit tomorrow is when I'll work on mine.

B. Yurko Mikels

Glad you found it and no I would not have chosen that sequence randomly either, I just kept clicking until I found it! :lol:
Thank you for bringing up the signature question, I was so embarrassed that I could not find it myself, thinking it was going to be something much more obvious, but it actually was more complicated than it needed to be!
I looked it over for about 30 minutes, got frustrated and went to bed when the wife said, "It's midnight. Come to bed." I'm obedient like that sometimes.

Glad the mystery is solved.
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