Full Version: Bryastovets helmet
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Hi, my name is Marco Colombelli and I'm writing from Rome.

I need some photos of the Bryastovets helmet, exhibited at the Archaeological Museum in Sofia and decoraded with images of Zeus, Apollo, Athena and so on. I need some pictures of this helmet. Anyone has photos of this helmet from all sides?

Many thanks

Marco Colombelli

I have a copy of the original publication:

Velkov (Welkow), I. 1928-29: 'Neue Grabhügel aus Bulgarien', Bulletin de l'Institut d'Archéologie Bulgare 5, 13-55

which I could send you. The text is Bulgarian with a German summary, the quality of the copy and the pictures is bad and they do not show all perspectives on the helmet.

If you still deem it useful, just PM me your email address and I will send it.
Jens also sent me a copy of the report which has some interesting detail but the images are no better than the ones shown in H R Robinson.

These any help?

[Image: DSC075231.jpg]

[Image: DSC075251.jpg]
Many thanks, bat I need not only the right and back side but also the left and front sides. I need to have all the figures on the helmet. Do you have it?